A Loaded Tattoo, or Why Guns and Tattoos Don’t Mix

What a way to ring in the New Year, getting a tattoo to start it off right! Two men in New Mexico were working on a new gun tattoo design, of a .57 Magnum, using a real, loaded gun as a template for the tattoo design. Talk about misguided. The gun went off and they […]

Orangutan Tattoo Fetish?

Sibu the Orangutan doesn’t like the orangutan girls he lives with. Sibu, who lives in Amsterdam’s Apenheul Primate Park was brought there in hopes that he would breed with the other females. Unfortunately, he has different preferences and other goals. Sibu seems to only be interested in tattooed blondes, tattooed human blondes, that is.  Who […]

What Does Your Tattoo Say

Sujan writes about a funny cartoon uncovering the hidden meaning behind tattoos. Hopefully, you’ll put a bit of thought into deciding on your tattoo design and not fall into those categories. I have some guy friends who decidedly do not like the lower back tattoo placement on a woman – they call it a tramp […]