What’s in my Tattoo Ink

Didn’t know there could be heavy metals or other toxic chemicals hiding in the ink under your skin? Yep, there could be and the FDA hasn’t traditionally regulated the pigments and formulas that make up the inks used to make your tattoo.

Think you can read the label? Think again. Manufacturers aren’t required to label them since they don’t sell to consumers and yet some of the inks used for tattooing contain things you might not want hanging around in your body.

A study done by the University of Northern Arizona found that some are not even rated for use on people, but instead are meant for industrial use!

Does this mean you’ll get sick if you get or already have a tattoo? No, different people are affected different ways, and your inks may not contain those things – but it pays to be careful.

Detox? What’s it Got to do with My Tattoo?

Detoxing is the process of helping your body rid itself of toxic and unwanted heavy metals and chemicals.

You need to detox your body without fading your tattoo, get the bad stuff out leaving your tattoo looking great and you feeling even better. Check out -> Tattoo Detox.

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