Ke$ha’s New Ink

Yep. Ke$sha got a new tattoo.  Where? A rather painful and controversial location: the inside of her lower  lip. The tattoo says “Suck It!”. This makes tattoo number six for the performer. Her other tattoos include: an anchor, a cross, a skull, a dollar sign and “yeah”. I can’t imagine getting a tattoo done on […]

Obama Tattoos

Wow! The election is over and we’re seeing lots of searches for Obama tattoos, Obama shirts, Obama buttons etc. Obama is one popular president elect. Only found a few Obama tattoos – this one doesn’t quite nail it, imho, maybe it’s the angle. Do you know of any good examples of Barack Obama tattoos or […]

Megan Fox Tattoos

Megan Fox has some great tattoos and I really admire her ‘in-your-face’ attitude about them towards Hollywood. She’s got quite a few tats, actually. Pictured on her shoulder: we will all laugh at gilded butterflies. She seems to favor scripty words for her tattoos. Here’s some of the rest: on her left side, under her […]

Marche and the Skimpy Prom Dress

Inappropriate prom dress or hot young thang? You decide. Seriously, what were her parents thinking? The custom made dress looks like a cross between a bathing suit, and a mini skirt and features a "train" or is it a tail flowing off the backside. It ain’t a lot of fabric, that’s all I’m saying.  Denied […]

Susan Sarandon’s Birthday Tattoo

Wow, she got a tattoo for her 60th birthday! What a cool idea. Sarandon got the tattoo at the top of her back, starting at her neck. She choose to use the initials of her kids: Jack, Eva and Miles. “It hurt so much more than I thought it would.” the Speed Racer star said […]

Viggo Mortensen’s Russian Tattoos in Eastern Promises

In the movie, Viggo’s character Nikolai has these super old school, really hardcore Russian prison-style tattoos. These were done with alcohol based ink, so they lasted. The tattoos were so authentic, they scared Russian immigrants who saw them. Talk about being in character. He wore 43 tattoos, that took 4 hours to apply, they were […]