Anchors and Nautical Tattoos

It’s summer time and I’m thinking of the beach, the ocean, being on the water. These nautical themed tattoos featuring anchors go hand in hand with the sea. Most feature a rope winding through the anchor, some have stars, and others have sea creatures. Anchors were popular vintage tattoos when sailors would get tattooed on […]

Clover Tattoos for Luck

Four leaf clovers show up in tattoo designs as representations of luck or being lucky. Also known as a shamrock, clovers with a fourth leaf are rather rare. It’s why people consider them lucky! Related to Irish heritage, they are often made with a celtic design. Did you know? There is a song called “I’m […]

Beautiful Butterfly Tattoos – This time it’s tribal

Found these tribal style butterflies, well, and one fairy. The wings are amazingly intricate, sort of hard and soft at the same time. Butterflies make a great tattoo design because they are usually symmetrical with two wings. This design is one where you can use lots of colors and different patterns to personalize it into […]

Phoenix Tattoo Ideas

The phoenix is a bird that dies in flames and rises from the ashes born anew. Stories about the phoenix abound in mythology. Depicted in art since ancient Greece, the bird has beautiful colored plumage. Here are some examples of Phoenix Tattoos: The phoenix hope, can wing her way through the desert skies, and still […]

Tattoos in November

Interesting things turned up this month in searches for Tattoo Designs. Tattoo designs are very personal, but there are so many trends, if you just look… Tribal Tattoos still rank as one of the most popular. Stars and Tattoo Designs featuring stars. Florals like Roses and Hibiscus – in so many different colors Butterfly Tattoos […]

Spring Makes Me Think Flowers

Spring makes me think of flowers, flower tattoos, that is. It seems like this has been a really long dreary winter and we’re not done yet… Flowers are incorporated into many designs, not all of them are feminine. Popular flower designs include: Roses (of course) Hibiscus – tropical islands, anyone? Daisies Morning Glories – love […]