Star Tattoo Designs

star tattoo ideas

Are you seeing Stars? Then you must be looking for star tattoo designs. Stars are a popular tattoo design element because of their appealing symbolism. The meaning of a star tattoo can depend on the number of points the star has. Some have 5, some have 6, others still more. A nautical star is an example of a 5 pointed star, while a Star of David has 6 points. Their celestial nature, and dominance of the night sky make them symbols of hope. Some believe that a star represents a spark of the divine, within.

Celebrities have long favored star tattoo designs: it’s popular to have a small one on the back of your neck, or on your inner wrist. Kat von D has tiny stars around her left eye. You’re in good company, whatever star tattoo design you choose.

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star tattoo designtribal-star-tattoo blue star
I love the star design motif – who doesn’t want to sparkle! These can be small or large, single or in groups – I like them arranged in a random scattering, like you see in the sky!
red shooting starstar swirl