Butterfly Tattoo Design Ideas

butterfly ideas

Butterflies – my favorite insect, outside of ladybugs and dragonflies, that is.

Butterflies represent beauty and freedom. They are also a great idea to work into a lower back tattoo, you often see a butterfly as the center of a lower back tattoo with flowers spreading out on each side.

The butterfly is also a great way to choose a really colorful tattoo with lots of shading. But keep in mind, it may take a little longer to get done!

A simple outline of a butterfly is also very effective and stands out without the color, if that’s not your style.

Butterflies are often paired with flower, stars or other abstract backgrounds.

Another popular butterfly tattoo design incorporates eyes and parts of a face on the wings of the butterfly – like a tiger or cat or sometimes even a girl’s eyes. That makes for a striking tattoo, that makes people do a double take!

Butterfly art symbolizes the existence of life, freedom, divine love and life after death, even rebirth. The Maya even believed that butterflies were the spirits of the dead in disguise.

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