Most Popular Tattoo Designs and Ideas

You wouldn’t choose a tattoo design until you’d looked at lots and picked out your favorite. There are as many styles of tattoos as there are kinds of people.  That’s what makes tattoos so interesting!

  • Tribal tattoo– are based on designs that have been used for centuries. Tribal design tattoos are artistic and include bold striking patterns. The latest trend is for a tribal tattoo to also include more color than in recent years. It’s a completely modern take and evolving trend.
  • Old School – these are the tattoos you remember seeing as a kid. Usually on the arm of some tough guy. They didn’t have a lot of color, and usually featured a nautical theme with anchors and such.
  • Realistic designs – these are often in tribute to someone. You need an artist to pull this type of tattoo off, they look like a photograph. Think about Kat Von D’s work/art on LA-Ink or Miami-Ink.

Tribal Tattoo Designs


Lower Back Tattoo Designs


Celtic Tattoo Designs


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