Looking for a Tattoo Idea or Design?

You see them everywhere you go – tattooed friends, tattoos on guys, tattooed girls, even tattooed grandmas! You know how it is, you get interested in something and suddenly you see it everywhere. It’s estimated that one in five people have a tattoo!

You Want a Tattoo

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Okay, you’ve decided you want a tattoo. Wait! Don’t run out to the first tattoo studio you see. You want the perfect tattoo, so invest some time and answer these questions:

Everyone is looking for the perfect tattoo design. Finding your perfect tattoo design can be hard, after all, it’s something you’ll live with for a long time! Choosing from all the available patterns can make you crazy! Here’s some tips on choosing the best design for you:

  • choose something meaningful
  • choose a design that reflects your personality
  • absolutely love your chosen design

Popular Designs and Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo styles and designs are as varied as people: Tribal, Celtic, Japanese, Kanji and Chinese Symbols, Old School, Realistic. Stars, Hearts, Dragons, Tigers, Fairies, Floral, Flower, Roses, Stars, Coy Fish, Koi, Dolphin, Celtic Designs, Scorpions, Tribal Designs, Eagle, Phoenix, Kanji, Old School, Ladybugs, Butterflies, Cross, Anchors, Clovers for Luck, Birds, Panthers, and more patterns and designs than you can imagine.

More on finding your Tattoo:

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think before you ink

Happy Tattoo Hunting!

Whether you choose a single special design
or spend time with galleries and downloads –
you’ll find your perfect tattoo design and love your ink!