Put Your Tattoo Where?

Where’s Your Tat Going?

Where to place your tattoo. You’ve decided what you want, now where will you put it? Here’s a list of the most popular locations (body parts) for tattoos.

Upper Arm: – classic location – how many of you think muscled arm when you think tattoo?

Lower Back: this is popular with women – Face it, it’s a sexy spot! It’s also a more discrete location, since your clothing can cover it, if needed. Back of the neck: this is a nice spot, for men and women. For a woman, you can show off your tattoo by wearing your hair up, or hide it away if you choose.

Sweet spot inside the hip: This is hot! Sexy! and mostly discrete. It’s a tender spot, though, so think it through, especially if you’re getting a larger tattoo done.

Belly button – around the belly button, circular tats are in. Watch out, girls, if you’re thinking baby – your tummy will stretch!

Chest: men and women get chest tattoos. Women should think about these, depending on their placement. If they are on the breast, and she becomes pregnant, the skin will stretch – and the tattoo may be affected after pregnancy – just something to be aware of – everyone’s skin elasticity is different.

Shoulder: back of the shoulder, side of the shoulder, or the shoulder blades. This is a popular placement – and in the summer time you can show it off! The rest of the time, it’s your secret.

Ankle Tattoo or Wrist Tattoos: These often wrap around like an anklet or bracelet.

Back of the Neck: Another favorite – this one is really sexy on a girl, but works well on a guy too.

In reality, you can put a tattoo almost anywhere, even your tongue! Just choose wisely, since it’s going to be with you for a long time to come. (although it’s come a long way, tattoo removal is expensive!)

Did you know you can Test Drive your tattoo?

You can test drive your tattoo design, by creating a temporary tattoo that you can try in different locations to see what it looks like before you commit! Cool and fun, great for parties or just a little spice in your life.

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