Finally, a font that looks like authentic hand-sewn topstitching. Most sewing fonts are linear and flat-ended like dashed writing. Topstitch is a non-joining script, just slightly wonky like real handmade embroidery. Reminiscent of the letter forms of Murray Hill, it has high x-height and large, open loops. The softly rounded ends give it the look of thick topstitching thread like the kind used on jeans and quilts. Change colors to change the look. Topstitch has full a full set of upper and lower case, numerals, punctuation, a selection of symbols, and accents for: Albanian, Catalan, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Icelandic, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish and Swedish. You”ll find 101 uses for Topstitch. Obviously, it”s perfect for hang tags in clothing saying, “Made by . . . ” Use it for headlines on newsletters announcing your next quilting bee, cake decorating workshop, bead store event or walking club meeting. How appropriate for the new Sewing Supply Store sign? Title your next craft or recipe book with it. Label your homemade Blueberry Jam with it. Create a unique t-shirt for Fluffy or paste a transfer tattoo of “Mom” on your arm and watch her pass out. Play with color and use the glyphs to jazz up your scrapbook. Go crazy, Topstitch everything!


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