Blue Monster Tattoo

Hugh MacLeod over at posted about a real live inked tattoo of his famous Blue Monster design. The Monster was designed for his buddies at Microsoft. Wow, 2 geek-tattoo posts in 2 days. Amazing. Here’s a link to the Blue Monster Tattoo post.

Cool Slashdot Tats

Tattoos for geeks? Well, why not? The OP got one of Tux ala the graffiti style IBM ads. (not a geek? wonder who Tux is: look at the pic in this article, Tux is the penguin on the lower right, you know Linux, computer operating system? OK fine, just take my word for it) The […]

Summer Tattoos

Summer seems to be the time for tattoos. Must have something to do with running around on the beach or at the lake half naked. Party! Anyhow, here’s a few of the popular tattoo designs we’ve seen this summer. Ethereal designs, open and light like a summer breeze. These designs are are open and free […]

Tattoo Design Advice, Use a Calendar?

Saw this over at Kotaku and thought this was one of the best pieces of advice on how to make sure your tattoo design is one you will love. Kingclip explains that a buddy of his has 10 great tattoos. His trick? When he comes up with a design idea for a tattoo, he marks […]

Chinese Supermarket or Boyfriend’s Name?

Just watched this video about the girl who got the Chinese tattoo that didn’t mean what she thought it did. How would you feel if you went to get a tattoo on your tummy and you decided on getting your boyfriend’s name in Chinese? You’d feel pretty good, right? Wrong, because you just found out […]

Cool Tattoos in November

Here’s a list of some of the favorite tattoos people found here in the last few weeks. November has been an interesting month tatoo-wise. Grim Reaper Tattoo This is one wicked looking grim reaper, complete with skull face, scythe blade and hooded cloak.  Winged Heart  This heart with wings, with a 3D effect. Would make […]