Chinese Supermarket or Boyfriend’s Name?

Just watched this video about the girl who got the Chinese tattoo that didn’t mean what she thought it did. How would you feel if you went to get a tattoo on your tummy and you decided on getting your boyfriend’s name in Chinese? You’d feel pretty good, right? Wrong, because you just found out that the Chinese characters indelibly inked on your belly say something more along the lines of "Supermarket". Bummer.

Research Foreign Language Tattoos

Learn a lesson from Joanna’s mistake. You should research any tattoo that includes wording or lettering in a language other than those you read. Note I said read, not speak. If you can’t be sure of the translation then don’t do it. Do your research and check it out first. Go to the library, look around online, but don’t just take their word for it – make sure you know. This is a permanent piece of body art we’re talking about – not a sticker you can take off, if it turns out to be embarrassing.

Do you know of anyone who got a tattoo like this? What was is supposed to say and what did it really say?

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