Cool Tattoos in November

Here’s a list of some of the favorite tattoos people found here in the last few weeks. November has been an interesting month tatoo-wise.

  • Grim Reaper Tattoo This is one wicked looking grim reaper, complete with skull face, scythe blade and hooded cloak.
  •  Winged Heart  This heart with wings, with a 3D effect. Would make a nice lower back piece.
  • Pirate Tattoo Classic peg legged pirate with cutlass, dueling pistol and tri-horn pirate’s hat. Kind of a black beard looking pirate. Also has a nice ribbon scroll at the bottom to add your own wording.
  • Captured Angel Tattoo Captured angel in shackles and really large detailed wings.
  • Baby Ladybug Little baby in a ladybug costume on a yellow flower, this reminds me of Anne Geddes’ baby portraits. It’s a sweet tribute to your little one. With the right artist, you could have them make it your baby’s face.
  •  The Moon, a Lunar Wave Circle This circular tattoo features the moon and the waves. It’s a really deep play on the affect of all things lunar, on the ocean, on our planet and on us.
  • Drama Faces Drama Tattoos, with a twist. These face masks feature one with devil horns and the other with an angel’s halo.

 All of these are great tattoo ideas, the detail, as always, is amazing.