Tattoo Making You Sick? then Detox.

Did you get a tattoo and start to feel bad?

Tattoo DetoxTattoo inks are basically unregulated by the FDA. Since they’re not sold to consumers, the manufacturers don’t have to list the ingredients on the product label.

So, what’s in your tattoo ink? What you don’t know can hurt you.

Some tattoo inks contain heavy metals which can be toxic to our bodies. This toxicity causes symptoms like weakness, dizziness, foul breath, lack of mental clarity, fatigue and others.

Let Tattoo Detox Help.

Tattoo Detox is an organic, preservative free way to remove heavy metals from your system without fading your tattoo design. You can feel the difference in days.

Using Clinoptilolite, which acts like a cage for the heavy metals in your system, it helps your body clean these through your normal elimination process.

Tattoo Detox benefits include:

  • Detox your body by ridding yourself of toxic chemicals, heavy metals.
  • Re-mineralize your body, diets and lifestyles today are deficient
  • It’s a super-antioxidant absorbing free radicals
  • Balance your pH
  • Increase your energy levels
  • helps your body make the most of the vitamins, minerals

Effective on other sources of heavy metals, like sushi and fish, and other places these toxic substances come into our bodies through food, water, even the air we breathe. Tattoo Detox works on these too.

Tattoo Detox was developed by well known rapper and jeweler, Paul Wall. He’s got tattoos extreme and developed the formula with his dad, who’s a long time alternative health enthusiast.

Don’t get a Tattoo without Tattoo Detox. 100% safe, no side effects, won’t fade tattoos. With a money back guarantee, there is no risk to feeling great.

Get Tattoo Detox Today.