What Does Your Tattoo Say

Sujan writes about a funny cartoon uncovering the hidden meaning behind tattoos. Hopefully, you’ll put a bit of thought into deciding on your tattoo design and not fall into those categories.

  • I have some guy friends who decidedly do not like the lower back tattoo placement on a woman – they call it a tramp stamp – which is really what this cartoon is talking about. It can still be a nice location for a tattoo, but you have to decide.
  • Face tattoos – I don’t think I’d go there, but Kat Von D has stars around her left eye, it looks good on her. On the other hand, some tattoo their whole face and completely obscure themselves.
  • Armband tattoos – Well, what part of the body hasn’t been tattooed but many people? After all, there are only so many body parts to go around. But the barbed wire thing is kinda trite.

So don’t be a "I’m going to regret this when I get older" put some thought into your tat and have fun.



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