Heelys Tattoo Kids T-Shirt

The Heelys Tattoo Kids short-sleeve tee is designed in soft, breathable cotton with a gel print logo on the front. What are Heelys? Shoes that roll! These one of a kind, powerful, lightweight athletic shoes feature a single, stealth wheel housed in the heel, allowing athletes of all skill levels to walk, run and transition to a roll at any moment. Roll into all situations, or simply remove the wheel and transform your Heelys into a pair of fashionable street shoes! Features: 100% cotton Tagless Classic fit Ribbed crew collar Heelys® logo with tattoo print around it Imported Sizing Advice: We have measured (cm) each T-Shirt by it’s height(H) (neck to waist) and width(W) (left to right side) to give you as much help as possible in choosing the correct size. General Sizes for Age are as follows: Small (5-7 yrs), Medium (8-10 yrs), Large (11-15 yrs), Extra Large (16+ yrs)


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