A Loaded Tattoo, or Why Guns and Tattoos Don’t Mix

gun tattoo design pictureWhat a way to ring in the New Year, getting a tattoo to start it off right! Two men in New Mexico were working on a new gun tattoo design, of a .57 Magnum, using a real, loaded gun as a template for the tattoo design. Talk about misguided. The gun went off and they accidentally shot themselves in the process. Oops. The injuries weren’t life threatening, hitting one in the hand, the other in the arm.

Pay attention: loaded guns don’t make a good template for your tattoo design. Get a picture, will ya?

If you’re looking for a gun themed tattoo, there are lots to choose from, dueling pistols, machine guns, uzis, bayonets, rifles, etc. There’s also quite a few gun related themes:  gangster, cowboy, urban, justice, to name a few.

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