Tattoo Style Vintage Leather Chain Wallet (Crowned Skull)

Tattoo Style Vintage Leather Chain Wallet (Crowned Skull). Compare this awesome leather wallet to Ed Hardy at less then half the price! This deluxe vintage leather wallet features a true, unique tattoo feel. Tattoo artist for years have been producing tattoo inspired merchandise that they make, by hand for extra money when they are in between clients. This is your opportunity to own one of there great works in true designer fashion at a fraction of the price of ED Hardy and other designer names. This Vintage Leather wallet features a shellacked crowned skull design, expertly drawn in 1930’s vintage style. The inside of the wallet has a large bifold compartment and three over-sized inner pockets that are perfect for holding id’s credit cards, business cards and more. A gunmetal wallet chain is attached for added style and security. All chain wallets include a FREE 17″ Chain. Additional extra long Black Leather / Steel chains are also available.


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