Tattoo Coloring Book Volume 1: Sacred Saint Skin Art Gallery

This is more then a coloring book at over 100 pages. This book contains over 160 drawings, line art, color photos, and a tattoo gallery. This is a great art book for the tattoo enthusiast. Parental guidance recommended. Contains cartoon nudity and adult content.This book is intended for the artist it training, kids or adults and anyone that wants to learn. Study how a line drawing becomes a piece of art. Learn proper shading and coloring techniques. I recommend that you get your self some tracing paper to go along with this book. Learn to trace a line, practice shading and coloring. Every day draw something new, even if it”s just a flower. Drawing, tattooing and creating art takes practice. Many long hours go into one design so take pride in your work and have fun creating some art.


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