Prison Break Michael Scofield Full Body Tattoo Shirt

Prison Break Michael Scofield Full Body Tattoo Shirt. TV’s most iconic tattoo is now available to every on with no pain and no permanent ink! This dermographic tattoo shirt is the real deal. A skin tight fit and transparent dermographic material makes this shirt look like real tattoos. Now is your chance to break free with your own Prison Break Tattoo Ink. This tattoo shirt is made by tinsley transfers, the same company who makes all the tattoo effects for the actual television series so you know you are getting the real thing. The transparent tattoo shirt is perfect in every detail and blends seamlessly in to your skin giving the illusion of being fully tattooed. If you’re a fan of the show prison break this is a must have, if you never saw prison break you will still love the artistic full body tattoo that features the a demon overtaking an angel on the front and the angel over taking the demon on the back.


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