Men’s Playboy Playing Cards Traditional Tattoo T-Shirt

There are many interesting items that you can obtain, if you enjoy playboy and have a certain fondness for the bunny. One of the most popular items that people tend to enjoy is t-shirts. There are different sizes, colors and styles of playboy bunny t-shirts that you can choose from. Each are extremely comfortable and are a great way for you to relax and promote your favorite magazine. Acquire your very own Playboy t-shirt today, and discover the bunny in you. This New T-Shirt from playboy features the Playboy Playing Cards Traditional Tattoo logo Design which consists of a small group of 5 Playboy playing cards, a banner that says Playboy and a flower underneath. On the Back just below the collar is a small black bow-tie design. Playboy is a tasteful gentleman’s magazine that has many trademarks attached to it; but none are so popular or better known than the Playboy bunny. The bunny is the famous symbol that has appeared on every magazine copy since the publication of the second issue. It was designed by Art Paul, who was the premier art director of the magazine. It was Hugh Hefner who chose the bunny as the symbol for his magazine. His reasons were not only because of the fact that bunnies were playful, cute and frisky, but because he believed that the bunny emblem would be distinctive from other men?s magazines that were being produced. The bunny was drawn in a tuxedo to represent sophistication and class. It is now one of the most popular symbols recognized nation-wide.


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