Kat Von D – Getting Boobs?

LA Ink’s Pixie was trying to talk Kat into getting a boob job on this week’s show. I groaned, Kat doesn’t need new boob’s, her original equipment is just fine. I mean, look at her – she’s hot! (I’m a girl and as hetero as they get, but she’s still hot) Besides, she’d have to totally change the way she dresses, no more of those cute corset/halter tops, she wouldn’t fit! Kat, just say no!  I wish I could wear the stuff she does, but my original equipment was a bit more generous.  LOL.

I love the tops she wears, so much. I’m still looking for more.

Loved the show last night, the tattoo of Mike V’s daughters. They are beautiful and what a cool dad he is!

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