Halloween Tattoo Designs

It’s almost Halloween and there are lots of ideas for Halloween tattoos. Here’s a quick list to get you started.

  • Witches – cute witches, sexy witches, ugly witches, witches in silhouette, witches with brooms, witches with cauldrons, witches with point hats.
  • Cats – black cats, a witches familiar, arched back cats, cat outines, green glowing eyed cats.
  • Monsters – like Frankenstein, a mummy, zombies, gory and gross.
  • Pumpkins – classic for fall, harvest, Thanksgiving. Jack o Lanterns, Carved pumpkins with any design imaginable.
  • Bats – purple-black bats, bats that look lifelike, bat outlines, bats with pointy little teeth and claws.
  • Spider webs – make a great backdrop for any halloween tattoo design – add a spider and complete it.
  • Scary trees – the outline of a scary oak tree with reaching limbs and twigs like fingers, shrouded in mist, with a full moon rising.

There are lots of temporary tattoos that feature this kind of imagery, so add to your costume, what are you waiting for? Speaking of costumes – What’s yours? I’ll be going as a pirate wench, complete with lace up corset.

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