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Tattoo - Behind the Needle, takes the reader into the shop of 12 talented young tattoo artists. This is an opportunity to learn how and where each artist learned his or her skills, who they turn to for inspiration, and exactly how they create bright, colorful, living tattoos. Tattoo - Behind the Needle, includes interviews with well-known artists like Brandon Bond, Amanda Wachob, Shannon Schober and Nate Beavers. Each has a distinctive style, a unique philosophy, and a very personal approach to tattoo art. Joy Surles, former editor of Skin Art magazine, gives each artist one chapter to explain who they are and what they do. A series of bright photographs illustrate in pictures what Joy and the artists convey in words. The interviews, combined with photos of the artist at work, help to make this more than just a book about tattoos. Tattoo, Behind the Needle, is more like spending a day, one on one, with Brandon Bond or Amanda Wachob.



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