Ambigram Tattoo Designs – What’s That?

Ambigram tattoos – ambigrams are also known as inversions. It’s a graphic that can be read right side up on in some other direction. In some cases it reads the same both ways, in others it says one thing when read in one direction, and something else when read in another. This one reads fantasy – flip it it’s the same. Sweet.

ambigram fantasy


There are several types of ambigrams: rotating, mirror, figure grounding, chain, 3 dimensional, space filling, perceptual shift (think faces/vases) and others. These usually play off of optical illusion, or other tricks of the eye.

These make great tattoo designs, because they’re personal, striking and very individual and different.

One of my favorites is: Love / Hate – when viewed one way it says Hate, when viewed mirror-image it says love.

Nearly any text can be made into an ambigram tattoo design idea. A lot depends on the skill of who is planning or drawing it out.