Temporary Tattoos – Create Your Own

Did you know you can create your own temporary tattoos at home? All you need is the special waterslide tattoo paper and an ink jet or color laser printer! It’s really easy to do.

tattoo flash temporary tattoosFirst choose your design. This can be clipart, something you scanned, something you drew – the possibilites are endless. Once you have your design, be sure to size it to the correct size, so it will fit where you want to place it.

Now it’s time to do a test print. Print your design to regular paper and trim it. Try it for size. Remember if your design has lettering you’ll want to reverse it before printing so the type will come out readable when you apply your temporary tattoo! Most image editing software will let you do this, just flip it or mirror it.

If you’re happy with how it looks, you’re ready to use the waterslide tattoo paper. First you’ll print your design on the special paper. Be sure to closely follow the instructions that come with the paper. Then let your design dry – it must be completey dry before you go to the next step.

The next step is to apply the glue that will stick your design to your body. Usually, you peel one side of the glue paper off, and put your tattoo on it face or ink side down. Be careful to smooth it down really good, you don’t want any air bubbles or creases. Now you’re ready to trim the tattoo. Trim around your temporary tattoo design, getting fairly close to the inked part, but leaving a tiny margin around the edges.

Ready to apply your Temporary Tattoo?

Making sure your skin is dry and clean, no lotion, no perfume, etc. go ahead and peel the backing from your new tattoo. Place the tattoo into place on your skin, and rub to apply. Now getting a sponge or wet paper towel, wet the paper backing and hold in place for a minute or until the backing slides off the tattoo. (now you know why it’s called waterslide) You’re done, take a look at your new temporary tattoo!

 Try it Yourself – Make a Temporary Tattoo

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