Tattoo Store

Tattoo is about how customer zealots are inspired. The book makes a compelling business case for companies of all sizes to create customer advocates (customers who go out and bring business to you). Using examples and interviews from Harley Davidson, Ritz Carlton, Starbucks, as well as several small businesses, Tattoo shows that fans are born from customer-focused, consistent actions by companies. It offers a blueprint for businesses to follow and shows that customer advocacy does not have to be expensive or complicated to be effective. The book gets its title from the surprising behavior of Harley Davidson motorcycle fans that tattoo their bodies with the Harley logo. Step-by-step, Tattoo explores how the company inspires its customers and employees with passion to create an experience that is so remarkable that they feel compelled to tell a story about their passion for the product. Tattoo makes the point that feeling special is a human experience--one that companies create. From the small business dry cleaners that sew a button on your clothes to the Ritz Carlton experience, this book provides a wealth of examples and inspiration for the business owner or executive charged with growing the company.