Cool Tattoo Fonts

So many tattoo designs incorporate text, words or initials. And yes, you can get some excellent freehand drawn by your artist. But what if you have a specific style or look in mind for your tattoo? Then you need some examples to take in and show them. Enter the font!

Fonts are easily downloadable and installed on your computer where you can experiment and print out your chosen text in different sizes – to see if it fits where you’re thinking. You can even play with the colors – so your tattooist can see if they can match it with their inks.

Fonts aren’t expensive, some are even free!

Here are several striking fonts:






Old English


There are thousands of fonts to choose from, these only represent styles I’ve similar to those I’ve seen on tattoos. Fonts are a great way to play with your tattoo design idea – you can combine them with other artistic elements to complete your message – all tattoos have a message, don’t they? Have fun with the fonts!